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In version 1.0.83 of WordPressChess, both free and PRO, a new button has been added to the WordPress Text editor toolbar.

This button makes it easier for you to enter shortcodes into your posts and pages. Click on this button gives you this popup window:

The PRO version got tabs for fen, pgn and the chess short code. The free version has “fen” and “pgn”.

To insert a fen position, paste a fen into the text box and click the “Insert” button.

To insert a single game, click the “pgn” tab:

Paste your game into the PGN text field.

The input boxes at the bottom can be used to select a custom template or to apply custom styling.

The PRO version also got the “chess” tab for showing games from the database.

To show a single game, enter a game id into the Game field and to games from a database, enter a database id into the Database field.

You can also click the search buttons to search┬áthe database for id’s. Click on the database or game to have the id inserted into the text field.




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  1. Great Job Alf. It’s a fantastic improvement. It runs awesome.

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