Tournament View

This article gives you an example of how a tournament view would look using the WordPressChess plugin. This is a great feature for chess clubs who want to display the games of their tournaments on their WordPressChess enabled web site.

This is the recipe

  1. Upload the PGN file using the import tool
  2. Take note of the message when the import is completed. It will display the database ID given to the uploaded PGN. If you missed it, you can easily find it in the game editor. In my example, the pgn got ID 5.
  3. Go to the post where you want to publish the tournament
  4. Insert the following short code: [chess db="5" tpl="2"]

tpl="2" tells the plugin to show the database using the tournament template. This template displays all the games and also the standings which is automatically calculated.

When displaying tournaments, it's very important that all the names are consistently spelled inside the pgn, i.e. the [white] and [black] attributes of the pgn.

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