Tactic Puzzles

To display tactic puzzles on your WordPress site, follow this recipe:

  1. Upload the PGN file from Import PGN.
  2. Once finished, you will see a message saying that the file was imported and with a numeric ID at the end, example: 6. You can also find the id easily from the game editor. It’s clearly visible inside a blue bubble in the list of databases.
  3. Inside your WordPress post editor, insert the following tag:
    [chess tactics="1" db="6" tpl="1"]
  4. Save the post

This is an example of a short tag. The short tags name is chess. Inside the tag, we have attributes. tactics="1" says that we want to show a tactics board. db="6" refers to the database we just imported. The tpl attribute is optional(default=1). It is a number which refers to which view template to use when rendering the board.

Here's the result of our tag:

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3 Responses

  1. In the Tactic Puzzles option of games from pgn file I am not able to visualize the names of the players when the diagram is presented. There always comes a #, then a script, and then the player name of white pieces.

    How do you have to make the name of the two players appear?

    In the example of this page, after the # a correlative number is shown when clicking on the next option.

    What pgn tag contains that number?

  2. Navid says:

    How to change orientation I mean flip the board ?

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