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With WordPressChess, you can display training puzzles where users has to identify pinned pieces on the chess board. You can see this in action on the board below.

Pinned Pieces puzzles are created with the [chess] short and the attributes pinned and db.


[chess pinned="1" db="6"]

This example will show pinned pieces puzzles using the games in database with id 6. You will see the id of the database after uploading a pgn. You can also find it easily in the game editor.

The pgn I have uploaded contains a lot of games in this format:

[white "White mates in 2"]
[black "Mate in two White to move"]
[site "Find 2 pinned pieces"]
[color "black"]
[index "449"]
[fen "r2qr1k1/5pb1/p2p1pQ1/1p3b2/4P3/1B3P2/PPP5/2KR3R w - - 0 2"]
[count "2"]


The important property is the fen which contains the position for these puzzles. WordPressChess will figure out how many pinned pieces there are on the board.

Tip! If you have some technical knowledge and want to generate a pgn for pinned pieces puzzles, download the full DHTML Chess from dhtmlchess.com. Then open


in a code/text editor.

Specify which pgn files to parse in the pgns array. The pgns files should exist inside the dhtmlchess/pgn folder. You can put your own pgn files in that folder.

the out parameter is used to specify the path to the generated pgn file.

After you have made your changes, save the file and open http://localhost/dhtmlchess/tools/find-pinned-pieces.html in your web browser.
You need a local web server(Apache, Nginx etc) for this.

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