Puzzle Highscore lists

Support for showing Puzzle Highscore lists has been added to version 1.0.102.

You will find buttons for this in the Editor(you may have to clear your browser cache to see the new options).

Here, you will find two new checkboxes and a new text input

  • By checking Puzzle Leaderboard (Top), you will get a table showing the highscore list from the top(highest rated players). You can use the size input to specify how many users should be displayed in the list. Default is 10
  • The Puzzle Leaderboard(User position) will also render a highscore list, but the list will be relative to the logged on users position. Example: if you are rated at position 150, you will get a list of 10 players starting from position 145, i.e. you in the middle of the list and some players above and below.




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