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WordPressChess comes with a default layout. We try to inherit as much as possible from your WordPress theme, but sometimes it might be suitable to override some css rules.

Below is a list of CSS classes which you can override in your theme’s css(Appearance->Customize).


div.dhtml-chess-notation-panel – Styling of notation panel. This is a good place to set font size.
.notation-chess-move – Chess move in notation view
.notation-comment – Annotations/Comments for a chess move
span.notation-chess-move-highlighted – Highlighted move in notation panel
.notation-branch-depth-0 – Styling for main line of moves
.notation-branch-depth-1 – Styling for variations of main line
.notation-branch-depth-2 – Styling of sub variations
.dhtml-chess-move-number – Styling of move numbers(1., 2. etc).


.ludo-grid-data-cell-text – Grid text, i.e. list of games, standings etc. Default is font-size:11px


.dhtml-chess-board-label – General styling of board labels(A-H, 1-8)
.dhtml-chess-board-label-odd – Styling of board labels A,C,E,G and 1,3,5,7. Usually set when labels are displayed inside the squares.
.dhtml-chess-board-label-even – Styling of board labels B,D,F,H and 2,4,6,8. Usually set when labels are displayed inside the squares.

Game title

.ludo-chess-view-metadata-game – Title(White vs Black) at the top.

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