Install WordPressChess

This section shows you how to install the beta version of WordPressChess.

You can download DHTML Chess for WordPress from

The plugin work like any other plugin with automatic updates.

Get first hand support and help build the ultimate chess tool for your website by registering at the forums at


Upload Zip File in admin

  • Download the Zip file
  • Go to WordPress admin and plugins
  • Select Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Activate the plugin

Alternative Method 1 – Command line

If you have access to the command line on your webserver, you can install the beta of WordPressChess like this:

  • Go to wp-content/plugins and type in the two following commands:
unzip -d .
  • You should now be able to active the plugin inside your WordPress admin.

Alternative Method 2 – Copying the files

  • Unzip
  • Copy the wordpresschess folder into wp-content/plugins on your web server. wordpresschess should be a sub folder of plugins.
  • Go to the plugins page in WordPress admin. You should see WordPressChess there. Click Activate. The install process will create database tables and import some default games. This process may take a few seconds.

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