Feature PRO version Free Version
Support for [fen] shortcode
Support for [pgn] shortcode
One game tactic puzzles using the [pgn] shortcode
Display custom board arrows
Show tactic puzzles from database
Rated tactics for registered users
Opening training boards
Tournament views with automatic standings
Play computer mode
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Upgrade license *
1 site USD99
2-5 sites: USD198
Unlimited Sites: USD299
Price: Free

Tryout PRO version

You are free to try out the PRO version before purchasing a license. After 1 month of trial, a license has to be purchased or the plugin removed

* The license gives you 1 year automatic updates of the plugin and access to priority support forums. When the license expires, you are free to use the plugin, but will no longer receive automatic updates unless the license is renewed. The price of renewal is 50% of purchase price.

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77 Responses

  1. Andrey says:

    Hi Alf! There is the opportunity to test the Pro version before buying ?

  2. nguyenbinh says:

    Hi Alf! There is the opportunity to test the Pro version before buying ?

  3. nguyenbinh says:

    I need this wordpress plugin. I use version free. it’s error in post. It does not show [pgn] ... [/ pgn]. Example: [pgn] e4 e6 d4 d5 [/pgn]. It's a different game (Anderssen,A - Kieseritzky,L). I really need this game to make chess on wordpress blog. If I try successfully I will buy it. I need you help is: How to hide / show [pgn] ... [/ pgn] before I buy it

  4. Martin says:

    Hi!, I’m interesting in your plugin. I tried with the free version and I have somre problems with the pgn board. See this sample please:
    Can you help me?

  5. Alf says:


    Do experience other issues besides king size boards?

    To get smaller boards on large screen, have you tried using the “width” and “align” attributes?

    [pgn width="50%" align="left"][/pgn]


  6. Martin says:

    Alf, thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s the same. When I press right keyboard quickly for advance in the game, the board breaks. Another question, are the colored arrows available in the free version?

    Another example:


  7. Skramble says:

    Currently have version 1.0.96 installed, dashboard shows there is a new version available; However, automatic update is not available for the plugin.

    Do I have to download the pro update somewhere, or are you just holding the release until tweeks are completed?


  8. Antonio says:

    Dear Alf, i have a license, where can i Download last version of WordPressChess Pro?

    (plugin do not update automatic in wordpress)

    Best Regards

  9. Carl says:


    Downloaded demo today, to test out. Two problems.

    Problem 1 – Version 1.0.63 installed, it says there is an update to 1.0.64. Click on update, and it never updates, keeps looping.

    Problem 2 – Try using FEN, and nothing is displayed. Example from shortcode : [fen tpl="Mate in 1" theme="Blue" float="left"]6k1/5p1p/r4Pp1/8/8/8/6PP/4R1K1 w - - 0 1[/fen]

    PGN shortcode works fine, it looks good, but I am not sure if I have the right version due to these issues. Would like to test out further, as I plan to use for coaching.

    • Carl says:

      Forgot the fen issue, worked that one now. Still having issues with the update looping.

      Can you confirm what the latest version of the “free” version is, compared to the “pro” version. I am interested in purchasing, but want to test out the features in more detail.

      Is it possible to have a trial version? I am wanting to test out tactics trainer option for my junior chess players. Thank you.

  10. Alf says:

    Carl, you have the latest version, there was an error in the zip where the version code was one lower than the registered one on the server. I have resolved that problem now.

    I have sent you an email with a personal link to the PRO version which you are free to try out for a month.


  11. Mato says:

    How much would you charge to install it to my website?
    Please advice

    • Alf says:

      Unfortunately, a fully packed schedule prevents me from offering any personal help installing the plugin.

      If you experience problems installing it, I suggest trying to get help at the forums at After registering at the forums, please send an email to post[at] so that your forum account can be activated.

  12. steve says:

    Would love to try the Pro Version for our website. If it works out will pay for it.


  13. andy says:

    I would like to buy pro but., i want to try full version first, Do you have som video as well how to use and , how to put all code it for wordpress

    • Alf says:


      A link to the PRO version has been sent by email. You are free to try it for 1 month. At the end of that period, you can decide if you want to purchase a license or remove the plugin.

  14. Mukaddesur Rahman Khan says:

    Hello. We are developing a chess website. We want tactics trainer, online tournament, one to one game, analysis board with engine support. Can you help our developers with that? will your pro version covers those? can we have look at your pro version?

    • Alf says:

      A tryout link for the PRO version has been sent by email. The PRO version supports many features, but not playing online. A version for correspondence chess(multiple days per move) is the easiest version to implement.

      Playing in real time is much harder and not so trivial to implement in the PHP language WordPress is based on.

  15. tonyhuang says:

    hi.alf could you help to active my forum account?and i find the lastest pro version still did not support drag and release function when you play with computer or do the puzzle
    like,it is easy for user to play chess on mobile device, drag the chess,and then release ,and put the chess on a is very usefull fot the mobile device.currently you can only drag and drag,not drag-release-move.

    • Alf says:

      What is your username at

      The plugin only supports moving piecing by drag’n drop. two-square click is still not implemented. It’s on my list of features for an upcoming update.


  16. tonyhuang says:

    hi Alf how can i get the update for 1.0.108 ?

    the wordpress shows a notice that there is a new version of 1.0.108,but it doest support automatic update.

    • Alf says:

      It should update automatically. Any error messages ?

      I have updated the plugin again just in case something went wrong with my build process. Try an update again.

  17. tonyhuang says:

    hi alt
    still can not update online.
    it just display The update package is not available.. (note:my system 4.9.5–zh_CN, chinese lanageage .new install of 1.0.107 is all ok.)

    or could you send me the latest pakage to my email address as follows ,so i can manul update?
    i purchase the pro verison at 201803.

  18. tonyhuang says:

    hi alf

    could you help to have a look ahout my problem at the forums?

    currently on the pc ,there is a button “solution” to display the right step.
    but on the mobile device,how can i let the button show? there is only ? button there,just hignlight the piece。

  19. Piotr says:

    I bought your wordpressches plugin and I’m impressed with how you did it. I noticed, however, a mistake in tactics trainer mode. Although all puzzles are for black, the tactics trainer randomly turns on white and there is no possibility of playing black only you need white ones.
    After refreshing the browser, it returns to the correct position. It looks like it was random.
    This is an option I really care about and should work exactly as it is saved in pgn. Please check and correct this error.

    • Alf says:

      Hi Piotr

      When showing tactic puzzles, it should choose the winning color for you to play. It uses the result tag in the pgn for this, example 1-0 for white and 0-1 for black. I will make an update to the code, so that it picks the starting color if the result in the pgn is “*”. At the moment, I think it picks a random color for *

  20. Piotr says:

    thank you very much. I set the results to a value. It’s ok. The next tiny bug is: when I load pgn with puzzles, e.g. 30 pieces, only 29 are loaded (one less). The first falls out.

  21. Piotr says:

    Is it possible to add a puzzle to the quiz (eg in LMS) and collect the result to pass the quiz? How to do it?

    • Piotr says:

      How to do it so that the puzzles are not over and over again?

      • Alf says:

        You can specify a comma separated list of databases for the puzzles, example: db=”5,6,7″ to show puzzles from more than one database(pgn)

    • Alf says:


      I’ll need some more info on this. send an email to post[at] with more details and I will see what I can do.

  22. Piotr says:

    Wish List.
    – !!Game without kings, for very beginners
    – Circles, full circles, crosses, short text on squares to mark
    – Result for quizzes for the most popular LMS: LearnDash and WPLearnPress
    – !!Selecting the database by name / or id (in FEN / PGN / Chess)
    – !!Selecting two or more databases
    – !!Choosing puzzles eg from to, list, between, gt, lt etc.
    – !!Beginning and end of the test (or to choose whether to jump to the beginning or not)
    – Making the same plugin for moodle
    – !!Game editor – making buttons next, previous (you can go crazy, clicking on the list of games / puzzles if there are more than 100) or not hiding the list of games each time you choose
    These are urgent needs and very necessary functionalities for us users.
    What do you think about it, Alf?

  23. Piotr says:

    Thank you very much for the upgrade 1.0.110, now the list in the game editor does not automatically hide, it’s a very big improvement and simplification for the administrator.

  24. tonyhuang says:

    hi alf

    i have sent you the chinese language po and mo files by email.

    please help to publish the chinese language support,thanks.maybe my chineses site can help to do the test if you need.


  25. tonyhuang says:

    another problem is the mobile device support.

    can the software support drag and release and then move to a new point for the piece like ? the function is very useful for the mobile deivce and current drag and drag model is not very popular now, and very hard to operate on the mobile device.Currently more than 70% percent web access are all from mobile device.

    Could you add a switch to open the [drag and release and then move to a new point ] funciton ?

  26. tonyhuang says:

    Hi alf
    There are two suggestion. vs computer at any postion in the pgn is a good funciton. but when enable button co = Computer Mode on the pgn, could user choose the AI level? And what is the default AI level?
    2.Could you help to tell me how to adjust the the custom button for the mobile device? the code buttons=”co,pl,st,en,pr,ne is ok for the pc ,but does not take effect on the mobile device. you have plan on adding the drag and release piece move function for the mobile device? suggest to add this piece move method to fit for the mobile device.

  27. berco300 says:

    Would love to try the Pro Version for our website. If it works out will pay for it.

    Berco – spain –

  28. sichess says:

    I am very interested in the pro version, how can I get it

  29. Denis says:

    how to buy a license for 1 site? when you click the get full Pro version button, no action

  30. Leif says:

    [pgn]... only works from the starting position and move no 1. How can you set up a position and start from move no 17 and keep the move animation?

  31. Luis says:

    Since last year (2018) there is no news in the plugin. What will be the future improvements of the plugin?
    Thank you

  32. Ron C says:

    Please increase the design of the computer play. It’s not scaling properly. The timers on the right are causing the problem.

  33. Hello Alf,

    I don’t really understand the difference between one game pgn puzzles that come with free version and tactic puzzles from database that come with the pro version.

    I tried testing the free version and creating a simple tactical problem with the pgn shortcode
    [pgn 0="wordpresschess" tactics="1" theme="white"]

    but it doesn’t show anything. Is pro version mandatory if you want to offer your visitors to solve tactical problems?

    With best regards
    Vjekoslav Nemec

  34. Chris says:

    Hi Alf,
    I want to try out the pro version as I need to use the database feature on my site but the link to the free trial doesn’t work for me. Any chance you can send me a link to test it out before I pay for it?

    PS – I was using the old DHTML version but upgraded my php from 5.4 to 5.6 and now it won’t load the games.

  35. Alf says:


    There is a link at the bottom og the the download page

    • Chris says:

      Hi Alf, got it running on my site, looks good but would like to talk to you about possibility of including a couple of items on database view in a future update. Also, where do I pay for a license? 🙂 Can you shoot me an email? Thanks, Chris

  36. Hi Alf,

    Has any users experienced problems in website speed when they used the plugin to display multiple games?
    I have done so in this post on my web: and it takes forever to load (significantly more than with the plugin disabled).
    It seems to me that theme js is called separately for each board.
    Do you know if it is possible to improve/fix this?

    With best regards

  37. Sampathkumar says:

    hi, i am looking for a proper plugin without a bug for my wordpress site. please let me know how to download, i will need features adding and release updates to my support, just like any other wordpress plugin

  38. Hallo Alf.

    Is one licens to use on multisite, or do I need one for each ??

    Best Regards

  39. Piotr says:

    Hello Alf,
    Nothing happens to the plugin since COVID-19, during this time WordPress has updated and now requires PHP version higher than 7.2. Unfortunately, the plugin does not work properly since version 7.3. Please upgrade the plugin, we are waiting for it.

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