Feature PRO version Free Version
Support for [fen] shortcode
Support for [pgn] shortcode
One game tactic puzzles using the [pgn] shortcode
Display custom board arrows
Show tactic puzzles from database
Rated tactics for registered users
Opening training boards
Tournament views with automatic standings
Play computer mode
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Upgrade license *

* The license gives you 1 year automatic updates of the plugin and access to priority support forums. When the license expires, you are free to use the plugin, but will no longer receive automatic updates unless the license is renewed. The price of renewal is 50% of purchase price.

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18 Responses

  1. Andrey says:

    Hi Alf! There is the opportunity to test the Pro version before buying ?

  2. nguyenbinh says:

    Hi Alf! There is the opportunity to test the Pro version before buying ?

  3. nguyenbinh says:

    I need this wordpress plugin. I use version free. it’s error in post. It does not show [pgn] ... [/ pgn]. Example: [pgn] e4 e6 d4 d5 [/pgn]. It's a different game (Anderssen,A - Kieseritzky,L). I really need this game to make chess on wordpress blog. If I try successfully I will buy it. I need you help is: How to hide / show [pgn] ... [/ pgn] before I buy it

  4. Martin says:

    Hi!, I’m interesting in your plugin. I tried with the free version and I have somre problems with the pgn board. See this sample please:
    Can you help me?

  5. Alf says:


    Do experience other issues besides king size boards?

    To get smaller boards on large screen, have you tried using the “width” and “align” attributes?

    [pgn width="50%" align="left"][/pgn]


  6. Martin says:

    Alf, thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s the same. When I press right keyboard quickly for advance in the game, the board breaks. Another question, are the colored arrows available in the free version?

    Another example:


  7. Skramble says:

    Currently have version 1.0.96 installed, dashboard shows there is a new version available; However, automatic update is not available for the plugin.

    Do I have to download the pro update somewhere, or are you just holding the release until tweeks are completed?


  8. Antonio says:

    Dear Alf, i have a license, where can i Download last version of WordPressChess Pro?

    (plugin do not update automatic in wordpress)

    Best Regards

  9. Carl says:


    Downloaded demo today, to test out. Two problems.

    Problem 1 – Version 1.0.63 installed, it says there is an update to 1.0.64. Click on update, and it never updates, keeps looping.

    Problem 2 – Try using FEN, and nothing is displayed. Example from shortcode : [fen tpl="Mate in 1" theme="Blue" float="left"]6k1/5p1p/r4Pp1/8/8/8/6PP/4R1K1 w - - 0 1[/fen]

    PGN shortcode works fine, it looks good, but I am not sure if I have the right version due to these issues. Would like to test out further, as I plan to use for coaching.

    • Carl says:

      Forgot the fen issue, worked that one now. Still having issues with the update looping.

      Can you confirm what the latest version of the “free” version is, compared to the “pro” version. I am interested in purchasing, but want to test out the features in more detail.

      Is it possible to have a trial version? I am wanting to test out tactics trainer option for my junior chess players. Thank you.

  10. Alf says:

    Carl, you have the latest version, there was an error in the zip where the version code was one lower than the registered one on the server. I have resolved that problem now.

    I have sent you an email with a personal link to the PRO version which you are free to try out for a month.


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