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In addition to displaying chess boards, puzzles etc, you can also use WordPressChess to show leaderboards/standings for a tournament.

The leaderboards are automatically calculated by WordPressChess from the games in your database. To render a leaderboard, you use a short code like this:

[chess leaderboard="1" tpl="2" db="5"]
  • leaderboard: Always set to 1 to tell WordPressChess that you want to display standings
  • db: Show standings for the database with this id. In order for standings to work properly, it's important that names in the games of the database are spelled the same for all games, Example: "Anna Dahl" is different from "Dahl, Anna". If you import a pgn, the names are inside the white and black properties.
  • tpl: Set tpl to 1 to render a dynamic standings grid. The grid is sortable. Use tpl="2" to render a standings table. The table is rendered as a standard HTML table using your sites layout.

Here's an example of a standings table for the Tata Steel Chess 2017 Chess tournament:

[chess leaderboard="1" tpl="1" db="5"]

And here's the same rendered as a HTML table:

[chess leaderboard="1" tpl="2" db="5"]
So, Wesley5809
Carlsen, Magnus4818
Aronian, Levon4727.5
Adhiban, Baskaran4727.5
Wei, Yi4727.5
Karjakin, Sergey3827
Eljanov, Pavel3827
Giri, Anish11116.5
Harikrishna, Pentala11026
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2836
Andreikin, Dmitri1925.5
Nepomniachtchi, Ian01035
Rapport, Richard1654
Van Wely, Loek1573.5

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2 Responses

  1. Naveen says:

    can we conduct online tournaments using wordpresschess where users can challenge each other and play using virtual chessboard?

  2. alfmagne says:


    This feature is not yet supported. I have most of the client side code available for this(drag and drop, clocks, elo calculation etc) ready, but it requires a bigger job on the server side. I hope to have this as a feature at some later point

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