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Help with translations

WordPressChess needs your help translating the plugin to different languages. If you’re familiar with translating WordPress plugins, we will appreciate receiving a .po or .mo file from you. Poedit is a great tool for...


Game viewer – computer mode

With WordPressChess, you can use the comp_toggle=1 attribute to play StockfishJS from any position. This attribute adds the computer button too the button bar as you can see below(right button). When you click this...


Display Standings tables

In addition to displaying chess boards, puzzles etc, you can also use WordPressChess to show leaderboards/standings for a tournament. The leaderboards are automatically calculated by WordPressChess from the games in your database. To render...


Puzzles – Find Pinned Pieces

With WordPressChess, you can display training puzzles where users has to identify pinned pieces on the chess board. You can see this in action on the board below. Pinned Pieces puzzles are created with...


Tactics with the [pgn] shortcode

With WordPressChess, you can display tactics board for a single game using the shortcode. Example: You can see the result to the left. The PGN is inserted between the start and end of the...


Override CSS

WordPressChess comes with a default layout. We try to inherit as much as possible from your WordPress theme, but sometimes it might be suitable to override some css rules. Below is a list of...


the pgn shortcode

In this article, we will see how we can use the pgn shorttag to render a game from pgn on your WordPressChess enabled site. The pgn shortcode: This is an example of the shortcode: The...


Opening Training

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the tactics feature of WordPressChess to show an opening trainer at your WordPress chess site. Step 1 – Import pgn The first step is...


Play Computer

With WordPressChess( for WordPress), you can play games against StockfishJS in your web browser. The short tag which you use in your post is: The theme attribute is optional for overriding the default theme selected for...



Below, you will find an overview of the different themes you can choose from using the theme shortcode attribute. example: You have these themes to choose from. grey light-grey brown blue green wood1 wood2 wood3...


Your admin chess editor

In this article, I’m going to show you the main details of the online game editor. In wp admin, select DHTML Chess->Game editor to open the editor You will then enter this page: To...



DHTML Chess and is being developed by Alf Magne Kalleland, a professional software developer living in the Stavanger region of Norway. Alf started the development of DHTML Chess on back in 2007.