DHTML Chess and WordPressChess.com is being developed by Alf Magne Kalleland, a professional software developer living in the Stavanger region of Norway.

Alf started the development of DHTML Chess on dhtmlgoodies.com back in 2007.  2700chess.com is one site who uses the DHTML Chess software from dhtmlgoodies.com to relay their games. The software is also used by many other sites.

In 2012, Alf launched dhtmlchess.com, and rebuilt the chess software from scratch. One of the drawback of creating a standalone php/Javascript chess software is that it requires some technical knowledge to install it on a Web Server. By launching it as a WordPress plugin, this bottleneck has been removed.

You now have a online tool at your disposal to organise, analyse and display chess games with a professional design to your users.

I hope you enjoy the software. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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6 Responses

  1. Ronald Menzel says:

    I just installed the free version to test it and it generated a fatal error when I tried to activate it in WordPress. Currently running WP version 4.3.9 with the Hemingway theme.

    This is the error
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/06/9955606/html/mysite/wp-content/plugins/wordpresschess_free/api/autoload.php on line 6

    • Alf says:

      Hi Ronald,

      Thanks for your message

      The error refers to the php function spl_autoload_register. So it’s either a problem with the compability of that function(version 5.1+) or my usage of it. I’m passing a function directly to it which is only supported by PHP 5.3 and newer.

      Do you know which PHP version you have on your server?

      I have just re-tested both the free and pro version of WordPressChess and I’m not able to reproduce the error, so it might be related to PHP version.

      I have made a modification to the autoload.php now and upload a new free version. Please try to download again and let me know if it works.

      Thanks again.

  2. I just purchase a license a few days ago. With the new wp upgrade the plugin doesn´t run. I have paid for the plugin and if it doesn´t run, I need a solution or I want my money back.

  3. Alf says:


    If we’re not able to make the plugin work for you, then of course, I will give you a refund.

    Would it be possible for you to report the problem at


    I will do my best to figure out what the problem is and find a solution. WordPressChess runs with WordPress 4.7.4 on this site, so it should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. There could be other site configs which may cause this problem. Post a new thread in the dhtml chess forums, and I will do some more digging.

  4. Toni Lund says:

    Can i get a demo from the PRO plugin?
    Im looking to use the plugin on my wordpress site, to play with other people inside my site.
    So ME vs Clients, i can do this with your plugin right?

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

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